Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New post on HNB Life

Remember awhile back when i did a post about school rules. Well i did a similar and updated version over on HNB life. You should go take a look. I just happen to write what everyone else is probably thinking.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have been having problems with blogger lately so i have decided to switch to tumblr. Yes this could create a whole new set of problems, but right now this is what i am going to do. Basically blogger won't let me upload any more photos without paying monthly fees. Lets face it i don't want to pay to blog. The other reason is blogger has been glitching frequently...not being able to put a title for posts or being able to publish a post. Instead of becoming frustrated every time i try to blog i just decided to switch where i blog.

You can follow me on tumblr: HNB Life

See you over at my new home :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeling Inspired

Today I had absolutely no plans. This meant i had plenty of time to hang out in my room and play dress up. Basically i spent an hour or two going through my clothes and putting outfits together. Once again i have realized there are a lot of clothes in my closet and so much potential for them. I came up with at least 10 new outfits from just a few different items. It was fun to see all the fun combinations. Perhaps i will refrain from buying new clothes for a while and actually wear some of the outfits i discovered.

Get the Look: Whitney at Burgundy Boots

Friday, July 13, 2012

Brining the sunshine

Yesterday was so grey and cloudy. I decided i wasn't going to let the ugly weather get me down, so i chose to make my own sunshine. I put on the brightest (maybe 2nd brightest) yellow shirt i own. I think it worked. I got to spend the day in Beverly Hills with a dear friend who i hadn't seen since January (i couldn't believe it had been that long). We spent the day window shopping, exploring decorating stores,  and eventually looking at an apartment for her to rent (which happens to be perfect.... praying it works out), and getting dinner at CPK all while dodging rain drops. This wonderful day ended with a gorgeous bright pink sunset as we drove home from LA.

Here are a few pics from the day

Just kidding....
Well i just learned that there is a storage limit for photos. Apparently I have hit my limit. So until i fix this problem without buying a monthly plan i will try and recreate my outfits on polyvore and link you to them. Oh google/blogger how you create problems that i didn't even know were possible.

Make your own sunshine

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lessons learned from a sunburn

1. 3 hours at the beach can be dangerous
2. Sprayable sunscreen is not reliable
3. SPF 30 is enough if it is applied properly over the whole body
4. Some sunburn locations don't hurt immediately, instead they sneak up on ya a day or so later
5. Aloe is most soothing when it is fresh out of the fridge
6. Ice packs work really well for easing the pain and swelling
7. Staying in shorts and a loose shirt is the best clothing choice aside from wearing practically nothing
8. Being sunburned can create productivity (Laundry has never been done so efficiently)
9. Going outside on a sunny day is not a good idea, along with any contact with something remotely hot. (oven, laptop, water...all bad experiences)
10. Next time...if there is a next time...spf 30 lotion will be applied with much detail, and then reapplied once at the beach

{In case you were wondering the tops of my legs (below the knee) got burned, as well as my rib area ( i don't know what to call it. its above my belly button and below my bust). So there you have it. Please learn from my mistakes and put sunscreen on thoroughly.}

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New to my wardrobe

Life Lately

I am in full lazy summer mode complete with sleeping in, staying in pajamas, not putting on makeup, staying at home all day, and staying up late.

Thankfully my days have been filled with a little more than what i just listed (but not much). Last week i came back from a 12 day trip in northern california with my friend erin. Since being back I have spent lots of time watching kittens galavant on the back deck. They are so cute and i am glad they chose our deck as their home (even though i think we officially scared them off after trying to trap the mom so she could be fixed). My days include my usual routine of starting my day off with coffee. In my desire to be healthier i have started drinking tons of ice water throughout the day (this means having to pee more often than annoying), eating fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks instead of chips (mmm salt and vinegar chips...i mean mmmm vegetables), and attempting to workout more (basically i wear workout clothes and occasionally do squats, lunges, or table tops). I must say it is going pretty well...well if nothing else it's progress. In order to change my paleness i have been spending 20-30 minutes every few days sunbathing on the pond deck. Slowly but surely i am becoming "tan" which is never really that tan, it is just less white. I suppose i should be doing more with my days since this is probably my last real summer, i have to enter the real working world eventually, but until then i can waste away my time in lazy bliss.

Hopefully all of you are enjoying this lovely weather and making the most of your day. At some point i will remember to take pictures of my outfits (the days when i do get dressed) and will be able to get back into a blogging routine. Until then enjoy these random posts and feel free to send me outfit ideas or things you want my opinion on.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doing what i love

I don't know how you spend your free time, but i love using mine to express my creativity. I feel like during the school year my creative juices are all bottled up and pushed aside. When summer break comes along the creativity flows freely. It also helps that my mind is clear and i have all the time i need to solely devote to one thing. Yesterday i spent hours collage-ing in my little nook. I searched the pages of several magazines looking for just the right images and colors. I cut out the images and would arrange them. Then i would rearrange them until they fit with how i planned. For some people this process would be a hassle, frustrating, purposeless, but for me it is fun, enjoyable, and meaningful. Making collages is my favorite type of art. You get to take other peoples work and create it into your own. It becomes a new piece of art. Yesterdays creative session resulted in a mod podged notebook. Possibly my favorite of all of the ones I've done.

My creative mess

Front Cover

Back Cover

I know this has nothing to do with clothes or fashion but it has everything to do with what i love. I thought i would share that little part of my life. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashionless Mish Mash

Let me just say it. I AM LAME. Once again i have slacked off on these posts. But i think what's worse is that i have worn some really cute outfits and haven't taken pictures of them. Instead i have taken pictures of other random things that have nothing to do with my closet. Yep its a problem. Here is a mish mash of photos from the past few days.

Last Friday: Mini trip (1+hr drive) to Rancho Cucamonga | Victoria Gardens Shopping Center
Fried Okra from Toby Keith's I love this Bar and Grill

lipstick that was way too expensive for me to buy.
I was not going to spend $26

Gorgeous view on our way home
lovely gems from this shopping trip:
necklace from H&M, blue flats from H&M

Photos from Yesterday:
Pomegranate breakfast: so delicious when chilled

Fresh salad for lunch with too much dressing

I got half way through and decided to rinse the dressing off
and switch it to a different one. It tasted so much better after that.
Hairstyle: Loosely wrapped bun
(1 hairband, 2 spin pins, 1 large bobby pin)
the happenings of yesterday:
workout: Jackie Warner's Calorie-Blasting Power Pyramid Workout (i am feeling it today)
bible study with the girls
returning a blouse to old navy
exploring pinterest with erin to find recipes we want to make/crafts we want to do
pizza topping-making a plain cheese pizza into something oh so delicious
watching absolutely ridiculous tv shows that i don't understand how they got picked up on a network

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Graduation Day

Yesterday i walked in the graduation ceremony. Even though i am not officially done with my B.A. (i still have 2 classes to take) i wanted to walk with my friends and not wait a whole year for the next one. I am so happy with my decision. I got to sit with my friends. A year ago we were preparing to travel in New Zealand for 3 weeks. These girls became family and it was an honor and joy to share in this experience with them. Here are a few photos from that great day.

 A big thanks to everyone (especially my family) who has supported me through my years of education. I really appreciate all of your encouragement and love and i couldn't have done it without all of you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fashion Friday

One store, one outfit

Blue Stripes Wedges

geometrics high and low

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

School Pride

Yes i would be sporting my school colors today...No it isn't really school pride, I just happen to like yellow and want to wear my new black shirt. I suppose i could say i was inspired by bees but that would be a lie too. I really do love my school and am so glad it has good taste in colors.
 This is what i call losing my mind during finals week:

sweater and shirt: target, jeans: american eagle, shoes: soda, necklace: estate sale

Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's talk...

...about final exams and how much i hate studying for them (especially when there are 5)
...about consistency and how things like this are possible
...about picking up my cap and gown...hello graduation reality (and how the tassel is a strange green color...not exactly thrilled)
...about how great the meal on mother's day was and how great it was the next day as leftovers
(i love me some steak, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and grilled zucchini)
...about how much i love coffee and how lovely it is when there is some left over when i get home...mid-day happiness
...about the weather and how gorgeous it has been...sunny with a cool breeze, perfect for relaxing/studying outdoors
...about how uninspiring my outfit was today (cuffed jeans, flip flops, bright orange tank, and moms grey zip jacket)

...about how much i am looking forward to this week being over

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bold Color Bottom

Sweater and Chambray Shirt: Old Navy, Crop Pants: Target, Shoes: Soda

Yes i know i am making weird faces and that the photo quality is crummy. Just look past it and see the clothes not the person wearing them. I really like how this outfit came together. I was hesitant to wear such a bold color. I think the key is balancing the bright with a neutral. Since i love layering it made sense to wear a chambray shirt under my sweater, not to mention it makes the outfit a little more interesting. If you hadn't noticed my wardrobe is full of basics and i have no problem mixing them over and over.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blue Gingham with Grey and Mint

Sweater: Forever 21, Gingham shirt: Old Navy, Crop Pants: Target, Shoes: Soda Brand

Today it was a challenge to find shoes that didn't have a back on them so that my heels wouldn't be damaged further. Well aside from flip flops it was a lost cause. I sported band aids and the comfiest flats i have. Besides having the band aids start to unstick and roll and then stick to the inside of my shoe, the band aid fix was a success. 

On a very happy note, I got to sleep in today. I would normally have class at 8 but my first 2 classes were for make up exams. I didn't have any to make up so i didn't have to come. Instead of being in class at 8, i was just waking up. I didn't have to leave the house until 10:20 which meant plenty of time to enjoy my coffee,  change my outfit 3 times, and redo my hair twice. No this is not typical. I normally don't spend much time getting ready. It was actually really annoying to have time to analyze how i looked before i left the house.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

These shoes weren't meant for walking

Sweater: Old Navy, Tank: Forever 21, Necklace: estate sale, Jeans: American Eagle, Sunglasses: Target

Why is she barefoot, you ask...Read the story below
Thanks a lot sandals for tearing up my heels. 

Story time
This morning i had the brilliant idea of wearing my old navy sandals to class. (They looked really cute with my outfit) So I was running a little late and then had to talk to a neighbor, which put me even further behind. I decided to make up time by walking extra fast to the bus stop. BAD IDEA. By the time i made it to the bus stop my heels were killing me. I looked down at them and saw the lovely color red. My feet decided to skip the blister phase and went straight to destruction of skin. Lucky me. I got to spend the next couple of hours in pain while my sandal rubbed the open wound. lovely, i know. I must have looked ridiculous limping and shuffling around campus. I tried to minimize the pain before i went back home. I learned that wet toilet paper as a buffer between skin and a shoe does not work. It completely fell apart and started falling out of my shoe as i was walking. Another ridiculous moment. I sucked up the pain for a while longer. When i got off the bus i gave up on shoes and decided to walk home barefoot. Yet again i am sure i looked ridiculous. 
Now i know that some shoes are not made for walking. Don't get me wrong, i love these sandals. I just can't wear them when i have to walk a lot. Lesson learned.

I was so happy to get home and put my feet up and have a glorious cup of coffee.

Do any of you have stories like this or am i the only one?

Sydney over at the daybook has these same sandals and she gave me and my feet hope