Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Rules

No, this is not a post to express my excitement to be back in school. It is actually meant to express my sarcastic, not always realistic, but mainly true rules that I think people should follow when getting ready to go to class.(And I realize and accept that there are exceptions)

1.   Wake up at least an hour before you need to leave for class.
a.   Having more time gives you a chance to wake up.
b.   It gives you more time to look with it (dressed, hair done, possibly some makeup)
c.    If you have a little time left go through your notes and look ahead to see what you will be learning that day.

2.   Get dressed for class (look like you actually care about your education)
a.   Please, Please, Please don’t wear pajama bottoms to class
                                             i.     You look ridiculous and disheveled and it is hard for people (me) to take you seriously
b.   Sweatpants are iffy
                                             i.     It takes the same amount of time to put on a pair of jeans as it does to put on sweatpants
                                           ii.     I mean heaven forbid you actually have to zip up and button your pants, right….
                                        iii.     The exceptions I have for you sweatpants wearers is if you actually have an exercise class right after/before your other class……….(I still think there are better clothes than sweatpants to wear to workout in) Or if it is just one of those days...the one that happens during a certain occasion. 

3.   Look in the mirror and ask yourself, is this appropriate for school?
a.   Too often I see girls in low cut shirts, and booty shorts.
                                             i.     You are not at the club; you are at a place of learning.
                                           ii.     I don’t know how that can be comfortable
1.   Don’t allow yourself to be a distraction for others who are at school for an education.
2.   And yes you are a distraction to everyone, cause the guys are giving you the kind of attention you planned/hoped for and the girls are thinking:  that poor girl…. just cover up… respect your body… don’t sell yourself out.
b.   There is no need for high heels.
                                             i.     Wedges are cute and just fine to wear. (They are comfortable and don’t draw attention)
                                           ii.     Stilettos are not really practical for walking across campus and they are surely not comfortable, at least for me. And some people just look like they are trying way too hard.(if you can't walk in them, don't wear them)
c.    Don’t make your clothes an Elle Woods at law school trying to look the part moment. (Legally Blond)
 More important than any of these rules is to  stay true to you.
                                                                      Don’t over analyze your outfit. Be confident in your style (as long as you don’t break the above rules…..sweaty and sluty is not an appropriate style for school)

Welcome back to school!!!!!!!
(Which also means Fall fashion is here! And that means my 600+ page InStyle magazine has arrived. Can someone say inspiration?)


  1. I kind of have to agree with Edwin... Granted, I very much agree that people should dress nicely. BUT I think you have to take a couple things into consideration:
    1) There are going to be low-income people who have to wear what they have -- not everyone is able to wear nice clothes.
    2) Perhaps what they're wearing IS being true to themselves. I know on my campus I see girls wearing heels and sometimes I think it's ridiculous, but that's their choice. I've even done it a few times because I was in the office for work right before/after classes. (Stilettos don't always have to be sexy and wedge's comfortable...see comments here: My personal defense: I can run in heels. Therefore, they're practical. haha :-) As for the girls in sweats...most of them are athletes; that's what they own! It's what they're comfortable in. (I know that's not always the case...)
    Again, I don't think low-cuts and booty shorts are appropriate (for your reasons above) but if that's who they are and the clothes they own, it's their choice. Annoying as it may be.
    3) If you're telling people not to over analyze their own outfit, you can't analyze theirs. We have to be out selves, and let others do the same.

  2. Holly, I especially liked:

    "a. Please, Please, Please don’t wear pajama bottoms to class
    i. You look ridiculous and disheveled and it is hard for people (me) to take you seriously"

    I feel the same way!!!!

  3. I just edited this post so that it didn't feel too harsh....

  4. Thanks for that Holly, I don't feel so judged for wearing my pj's to class anymore. ;)