Tuesday, May 8, 2012

These shoes weren't meant for walking

Sweater: Old Navy, Tank: Forever 21, Necklace: estate sale, Jeans: American Eagle, Sunglasses: Target

Why is she barefoot, you ask...Read the story below
Thanks a lot sandals for tearing up my heels. 

Story time
This morning i had the brilliant idea of wearing my old navy sandals to class. (They looked really cute with my outfit) So I was running a little late and then had to talk to a neighbor, which put me even further behind. I decided to make up time by walking extra fast to the bus stop. BAD IDEA. By the time i made it to the bus stop my heels were killing me. I looked down at them and saw the lovely color red. My feet decided to skip the blister phase and went straight to destruction of skin. Lucky me. I got to spend the next couple of hours in pain while my sandal rubbed the open wound. lovely, i know. I must have looked ridiculous limping and shuffling around campus. I tried to minimize the pain before i went back home. I learned that wet toilet paper as a buffer between skin and a shoe does not work. It completely fell apart and started falling out of my shoe as i was walking. Another ridiculous moment. I sucked up the pain for a while longer. When i got off the bus i gave up on shoes and decided to walk home barefoot. Yet again i am sure i looked ridiculous. 
Now i know that some shoes are not made for walking. Don't get me wrong, i love these sandals. I just can't wear them when i have to walk a lot. Lesson learned.

I was so happy to get home and put my feet up and have a glorious cup of coffee.

Do any of you have stories like this or am i the only one?

Sydney over at the daybook has these same sandals and she gave me and my feet hope

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  1. First off, nice mug ;)
    Second... I'm sorry about your feet. That is a MISERABLE experience.
    Third- I went to a concert the other night w/ my roommates and while we were walking to dinner my left shoes started falling a part... they were wedges and the top part was separating from the wedge part so it was floppy and bad. By the time we were walking back from dinner to the car the right one was doing the same thing! It was SO bad I felt like I had to slide my feet so they wouldn't fall a part completely. The concert was at the Greek and there were a ton of hills and lots of walking.... it was not a pleasant experience for my feet.

    Fourth- I miss you a lot.