Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashionless Mish Mash

Let me just say it. I AM LAME. Once again i have slacked off on these posts. But i think what's worse is that i have worn some really cute outfits and haven't taken pictures of them. Instead i have taken pictures of other random things that have nothing to do with my closet. Yep its a problem. Here is a mish mash of photos from the past few days.

Last Friday: Mini trip (1+hr drive) to Rancho Cucamonga | Victoria Gardens Shopping Center
Fried Okra from Toby Keith's I love this Bar and Grill

lipstick that was way too expensive for me to buy.
I was not going to spend $26

Gorgeous view on our way home
lovely gems from this shopping trip:
necklace from H&M, blue flats from H&M

Photos from Yesterday:
Pomegranate breakfast: so delicious when chilled

Fresh salad for lunch with too much dressing

I got half way through and decided to rinse the dressing off
and switch it to a different one. It tasted so much better after that.
Hairstyle: Loosely wrapped bun
(1 hairband, 2 spin pins, 1 large bobby pin)
the happenings of yesterday:
workout: Jackie Warner's Calorie-Blasting Power Pyramid Workout (i am feeling it today)
bible study with the girls
returning a blouse to old navy
exploring pinterest with erin to find recipes we want to make/crafts we want to do
pizza topping-making a plain cheese pizza into something oh so delicious
watching absolutely ridiculous tv shows that i don't understand how they got picked up on a network

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