Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doing what i love

I don't know how you spend your free time, but i love using mine to express my creativity. I feel like during the school year my creative juices are all bottled up and pushed aside. When summer break comes along the creativity flows freely. It also helps that my mind is clear and i have all the time i need to solely devote to one thing. Yesterday i spent hours collage-ing in my little nook. I searched the pages of several magazines looking for just the right images and colors. I cut out the images and would arrange them. Then i would rearrange them until they fit with how i planned. For some people this process would be a hassle, frustrating, purposeless, but for me it is fun, enjoyable, and meaningful. Making collages is my favorite type of art. You get to take other peoples work and create it into your own. It becomes a new piece of art. Yesterdays creative session resulted in a mod podged notebook. Possibly my favorite of all of the ones I've done.

My creative mess

Front Cover

Back Cover

I know this has nothing to do with clothes or fashion but it has everything to do with what i love. I thought i would share that little part of my life. 

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  1. oh my gosh that is how I spend my freee time! Of course, you're better at it than I am but it is the funnest thing isn't it!?!?
    I like your blog! it is very cute!