Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick Update

I have two things to cover...i will keep it short and sweet....or just short, since i don't know how to make it sweet.

1. I would like to announce that it has been three months since I last purchased clothes for myself. (I feel like this is an AA meeting...."My name is Holly and I have not purchased clothes in three months") It might not sound like a huge accomplishment, but for me it is. Also, it felt like a whole lot longer....just 9 months to go.

2. I finally figured out my halloween costume (no thanks to any blog feedback). Instead the decision came during a costume brainstorming chat with friends. One idea led to another and then I remembered an idea I had a while back that I clearly had forgot about. So what exactly is my wonderful costume???? Well you will just have to wait until halloween or after to find out.

So that is all. See short...not so sweet....unless sweet is referring to cool...but i don't know that it's that either. Anyways,  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and enjoying their weekend.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Looks for Less

Magazines are full of great clothes and inspiration. However the prices they paid to get the look are way to high. I have been doing some searching to find similar looks or styles at more reasonable prices from more accessible stores.

High to mid-low to low

modcloth/forever 21

take a closer look from modcloth
mid to low

Modcloth vs. Forever 21
I would personally go for the mid looks so much cuter....
not to mention increased quality of work
Geometric style dress high and low
modcloth/forever 21
Similar look and similar price
Magazine Inspiration
Modcloth Finds

Celebrity Inspirations:
Cameron Diaz and modcloth coat

Katy Perry inspired long chevron pattern coat from modcloth

Alexis bledel and modcloth dress for $137.99

Blake Lively at Fashions Night Out
Modcloth $109.99

Alexis Bledel and the extremely similar version in black
(Only missing the belted waist and sweetheart shape)
Modcloth $89.99
The whole point of this post is to show that you can get the celebrity look for less. In some cases you get the look but lack the lush. You get what you pay for and in the end paying less is worthwhile. The best place to get the style for less is forever 21...and if you want to pay a little more (or about double) and don't mind online shopping, then shop modcloth(and they get new clothes in on a daily basis). If you are looking for designer labels for department stores that feature designers clothes on a budget. (khols=simply vera wang, target=various designers, TJ maxx= all designer labels for less) 
Have fun saving and getting the look for less!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekday Wardrobe

I thought it might be fun to take pictures of my outfits on a daily basis. I don't know how often I will actually get around to doing it, but i documented them for this past week (monday-friday). Doing this also confirmed that I should never model....not that it was ever a suppressed dream or anything)

Black dress......old navy..... $20ish 
Gray sweater........forever 21...... $20
Black flats......????(some shoe store in the mall)..... $15

Black zip sweatshirt....old navy..... $15
Jeans (straight leg)...american eagle....$35

Black V-neck$10
Jeans (straight leg)...american eagle....$35
Black flats......????(some shoe store in the mall).... $15

Floral zip tank...forever 21.....$18
Jeans (favorite boyfriend).....American Eagle...$35

Jacket...forever 21....$25
Jeans(favorite boyfriend).....American Eagle...$35
brown flats......????(some shoe store in the mall) $15

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Its just around the corner

Halloween is just a few weeks away....yikes, i have no idea what to be. Last year I knew what my costume would be well in advance and was mentally preparing my costume for weeks. This year I am completely clueless....Do i choose to make my costume... piece it together with what i already own....or do i buy a costume/borrow one from somebody???? I suppose I should decide what to dress as first. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, help me and send idea costumes.

Last year I was a peacock. I spray painted a tutu and feathers and wore a mask that i colored to look more peacock like.
makeup and mask
spray painted tutu

feathers for my hair

last year at pumpkin toss
(the costumes in action)

I really do want costume ideas so please leave comments with some possible costumes i could make/buy/borrow/throw together.

I promise i will have the normal fashion blogs back soon...maybe i shouldn't promise that. I will have normal blogs sometime in the future.....(thats more accurate)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bipolar Weather

I don't know about you, but this weather is driving me nuts. SO one monday its 113 degrees out and then the next it's overcast, rainy and in the 60s. So the dilemma is how do you dress when the weather is changing drastically? My only advice is to check the weather forecast. Im sorry I don't have a brilliant solution. IF you don't like that advice, well just dress in layers, and always carry an umbrella....or lose the umbrella and hope it doesn't rain on you.

Rainy Weather Solutions:
1. An can be boring and carry a neutral solid color one, or be fun and carry one with a cute design.

2. Rain boots...They are practical for jumping in puddles, keeping your feet dry, and being semi stylish on a wet day.
Mine are the plain light blue ones... boring

Advice: Get your boots now so that you don't run into an issue that me and carolyn had last winter when it was raining like crazy. Rain boots apparently aren't available in the winter. We went to every store we could think of and had to settle for target's gardening boots. They definitely work, but they aren't as cute as the rain boots that are available now.
3. Jacket....I suggest a warm one with a hood, that is just big enough to be worn over thicker tops, like sweaters or light sweatshirts. Also having a jacket that isn't cropped/short is ideal. It prevents cold air from creeping in while sitting.
This one is a black canvas like material.
It has a detachable hood and a belted waist.
Forever 21 $35-40
( I can't remember, i got it last year)
P.S. I just about freaked out on wednesday when it was raining and i couldn't find my umbrella:
my getting frustrated
where is my umbrella face...
Oh and I lied in a previous post when i said the next post would be about wearing a sweater many ways...Clearly this post wasn't on that. Sorry...when the weather gets crazy, Holly doesn't stick to her plan. Eventually I will get to that post. Until then enjoy the bipolar weather, and good luck finding something to wear.