Thursday, October 14, 2010

Its just around the corner

Halloween is just a few weeks away....yikes, i have no idea what to be. Last year I knew what my costume would be well in advance and was mentally preparing my costume for weeks. This year I am completely clueless....Do i choose to make my costume... piece it together with what i already own....or do i buy a costume/borrow one from somebody???? I suppose I should decide what to dress as first. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, help me and send idea costumes.

Last year I was a peacock. I spray painted a tutu and feathers and wore a mask that i colored to look more peacock like.
makeup and mask
spray painted tutu

feathers for my hair

last year at pumpkin toss
(the costumes in action)

I really do want costume ideas so please leave comments with some possible costumes i could make/buy/borrow/throw together.

I promise i will have the normal fashion blogs back soon...maybe i shouldn't promise that. I will have normal blogs sometime in the future.....(thats more accurate)

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