Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bipolar Weather

I don't know about you, but this weather is driving me nuts. SO one monday its 113 degrees out and then the next it's overcast, rainy and in the 60s. So the dilemma is how do you dress when the weather is changing drastically? My only advice is to check the weather forecast. Im sorry I don't have a brilliant solution. IF you don't like that advice, well just dress in layers, and always carry an umbrella....or lose the umbrella and hope it doesn't rain on you.

Rainy Weather Solutions:
1. An can be boring and carry a neutral solid color one, or be fun and carry one with a cute design.

2. Rain boots...They are practical for jumping in puddles, keeping your feet dry, and being semi stylish on a wet day.
Mine are the plain light blue ones... boring

Advice: Get your boots now so that you don't run into an issue that me and carolyn had last winter when it was raining like crazy. Rain boots apparently aren't available in the winter. We went to every store we could think of and had to settle for target's gardening boots. They definitely work, but they aren't as cute as the rain boots that are available now.
3. Jacket....I suggest a warm one with a hood, that is just big enough to be worn over thicker tops, like sweaters or light sweatshirts. Also having a jacket that isn't cropped/short is ideal. It prevents cold air from creeping in while sitting.
This one is a black canvas like material.
It has a detachable hood and a belted waist.
Forever 21 $35-40
( I can't remember, i got it last year)
P.S. I just about freaked out on wednesday when it was raining and i couldn't find my umbrella:
my getting frustrated
where is my umbrella face...
Oh and I lied in a previous post when i said the next post would be about wearing a sweater many ways...Clearly this post wasn't on that. Sorry...when the weather gets crazy, Holly doesn't stick to her plan. Eventually I will get to that post. Until then enjoy the bipolar weather, and good luck finding something to wear.

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