Thursday, December 29, 2011

photo fail

So i thought about not even showing this outfit.
The photos didn't do the outfit justice.
The color is distorted and i don't like how they look.
I realized that some clothes just don't photograph well. 
This is one of those experiences.
My outfit looked so much better in person.
I am done making excuses for this.
Actual color is similar to one of these

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Sometimes my outfits are spontaneous and other times they are planned and then refined.
For todays outfit i used polvore to help me figure out my outfit.
Some of my clothing items are already saved to the site.
For Other items, i browse what they have and see if i have something similar.
It is a great tool to use if you don't like changing clothes over and over to find what looks right.
Trust me i hate that process...and my room hates it too-->clothes everywhere.
Here is today's process
Cropped Jacket: Old Navy (years ago)
long sleeve shirt: Target
Skinny Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Soda
FYI: the cropped jacket was in my to get rid of pile. So glad i found a way to wear it. Now it may go back in my closet.

Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas

The day after Christmas....
...sleeping in
...home cooked breakfast
...listening to new music
...wearing new clothing items
...going to the movies as a family to see Muppets
...trying to help brother with his suspenders before he goes to disneyland
...watching mom play wii and dad adding commentary
...eating leftover soup from Christmas Eve spending time together 
...great day

Scarf: Cost Plus World Market; Boots: Soda brand (i got these at visions shoes at the mall); Skinny Jeans: American Eagle 

Let Me Summarize

I have had a wonderful week leading up to Christmas.
Here is some of it:
*Lunch at Taco Surf with Emily
*Shopping and going for a walk at Spinnaker Bay with Krissi
(saw moon jellies)
*Farmers Market with Emily and Krissi
>Lunch and Shopping with Mom
-took my mom to work
-babysat my 3 year old cousin
-wrapped presents
-had a very unfashionable day
(Christmas Eve)
Relaxing at home
Christmas Eve church service
Dinner: Potato Cheese Soup and hot chocolate
Opened presents
(Christmas Day)
brother made me get up
explored our stockings
cinnamon rolls for breakfast
candy and beef jerky for snaking
prime rib for lunch
stayed in pajamas all day

Here is some of what i got for christmas from my wonderful family

I hope you all had a great Christmas too.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Better late than never

Sleeping in and lazing around.
I cannot express just how much i enjoy these two things...winter break is the best.

I chose not to laze around all day and actually got dressed for the day at a decent time.
My theory is that if i get dressed then i might actually do something that day.
I suppose it worked.
I made it out of the house for some shopping with the bestie (around 6pm).
Then we came back and spent time watching tv and Midnight in Paris with my parents.
It turned out to be a very enjoyable (and not completely wasted) day.

Outfit of the Day
side bun= fishtail braid wrapped into a bun

Reese's look for under $200

Monday, December 19, 2011

letting go

Today i worked on cleaning my room.
Now that the semester is done, i could actually focus on the nitty gritty.
I folded laundry, cleaned out drawers, got them organized, and added to the pile of clothes to get rid of.
I didn't finish cleaning, but it's a start.
I even went through my junk drawers and threw away lots of stuff. (mainly old school assignments and notes)

Outfit of the day
(note: the pile of clothes on the floor behind me = stuff i'm getting rid of; stack on the right=laundry)
(owl belt and yellow shirt = target; scarf and sweater = forever 21)

Twisted "braid" and fishtail braid wrapped into a bun

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pushing Limits

How did you guys spend your Saturday?

It was the most terrifying, exhilarating, fulfilling experience. It pushed my limits every time i climbed that 23 foot ladder, every time i had to put my left hand on the bar to join my right hand, every time i hopped off the platform. But i did it. And i am so glad i did.
Here are some of the pictures from that day:

Today i woke up so sore from flying the day before. 
My arms, shoulders, back of the knees, and abs all hurt today.
All of the aches and pains were worth it.

Christmas mug of coffee...makes everything better

Outfit of the day
(redeeming myself from yoga pants from the day before)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fantastic Friday

Today i decided i would actually get dressed and not spend the entire day in pajamas or sweatpants.
I actually took time to do my hair, instead of pulling it up into a bun. This of course meant that i had to re-curl my hair throughout the day (3 just wouldn't hold).

Outfit of the day

I even managed to make it out of the house today. 
Me and my mom went Christmas shopping at the mall. 
I hate the mall.
Thankfully we only went in two stores that were close to each other.
I was able to buy two people's gifts.
It's a start.
We also got a very cheap dinner to take home and "cook".
Mac n' cheese and banquet pot pies.
So delicious.
Don't judge my dinner choice. 
It was a fantastic day.
I hope your Friday was more fascinating than mine.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

In My Dreams...Christmas Gift Edition

Here are some items that are not on my Christmas list.
 If money were no object I would ask for them. 
Since that is not the case, they made it onto my in my dreams list.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dress Like Rachel Berry

I may not be loving glee so much these days, but i still love to see what the cast is wearing. So many of Rachel's looks can be found on ModCloth. So they aren't the exact thing she wears, but you can accomplish her style quite easily. Here are just a few Rachel Berryesque dresses.

Panic Mode

Yesterday i discovered the worst feeling ever.

I had spent the past two days with my textbook, writing terms and answering reading questions preparing for my 411 final. It was the evening before my exam so i thought i would read through my notes. On the top of the page was the date for the final. Dec. 12 @12:30. Suddenly i realized i really messed up. The current date was Dec. 13th. I missed my final. Somehow i got it in my head that my final was on wednesday. Where this idea came from, i have no idea. I immediately went into panic mode. I was in disbelief. It felt like i was stuck in a horrible dream. I went through my freak-out phase that involved lots of crying. After i pulled myself together, I texted people from my class to see if i had really missed the final. Then i texted people from a different section of 411 to see if they had taken their final yet. I ended up emailing my professor to see if i could still take the final. During this waiting time i calculated my current grade and what i would get if i weren't able to take the test. I would pass the class even if i couldn't make up my test. It was such a relief, but not the way i wanted to finish the semester. About two hours after sending the email to my professor, he emailed me back. I was able to take my final. The biggest relief ever.

The funny thing about this whole situation is that i could never understand how someone could miss a final exam. I mean the prof. mentions the date and time multiple times throughout the semester. How could someone forget the date or time. Well now i know. At some point you get it in your head that it is a certain day...and well it sticks, even if it is the wrong day. This event was a reminder that God is in control of my life, and I am so grateful for that.  

The ironic thing is that the day i should have been taking my final, i was at home studying.
(and eating salt and vinegar chips and beef sausage snacks...they were so good)

 After finding out i missed my final...and had calmed down:

The day after
Today i got to take my final.
I woke up early and studied
then i watched Glee and The New Girl
Then studied some more.

I was so nervous to take the exam. I had spent four days preparing for this exam. I got to school and got the exam done. I think i did fairly well on it. I may actually be able to keep my A. I am just so glad it is done. 
Outfit of the Day
(fyi: this is my Yay i get to take my final today face)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not always so easy

I don't know why but i had the hardest time with my outfit this morning. For whatever reason i just didn't like the way it looked. It was a rough start that ended well.
SO i tried on 4 different sweaters with my top. I ended up wearing the one i tried with it originally. Sometimes you just have to go with your first instinct and today was no exception.

Outfit of the day
Since it was super cold today i wore this jacket too.

This outfit was worn to:
Opposites Attract art show (to see all of Carolyn's hard work),
hang up christmas lights and decorations

The lesson i learned today:
Don't get too frustrated when things don't look right. Take a deep breath and look at it again. Chances are you are just being too critical of yourself.