Friday, March 16, 2012

Style Breakdown: Girl and Cat

cute, comfy, casual

"braided braids bun"

How To:
1. Section off the top section of your hair and braid it and secure it with a clear hair tie
2. break the bottom section of hair into two sections
3. braid each section secure each with a clear hair tie
(you should have 3 braids.)
4. braid the 3 braids together and secure with a clear hair tie
5. roll the braid into a low bun against the lower part of your head
6. use spin pins or large bobby pins to keep it in place. 
7. use small bobby pins to catch any unruly hairs
(don't worry too much about strays. It shouldn't look perfect)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Girl and Cat

It was a beautiful day, so why not hang out with the cat outside.
This does involve a cat on a leash, but she loves it
(and lots of photos)

Scarf: Gift from Romania, Sweater: Forever 21, Long Sleeved white shirt: Target, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Target

Possibly the cutest photo ever...but i am biased

 Spring has sprung in the backyard
I love the California Poppies

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Lessons

What i learned this weekend:
1. I hate being sick
2. sometimes drinking tea is more enjoyable than coffee
3. too much tea can dry out ones mouth
4. losing ones appetite while having a could does not help the healing process (feed a cold)
5. sitting around doing nothing is really boring after 2 days...and is awful after 3
6. coffee does not belong on the computer...thank you random arm spasms for that lesson...thank you God for fixing my track pad after it stopped working
7. I can only handle staying in sweatpants for so long (4 days was a good enough amount of time)
8. If something is good for ones mental or physical health, it hinders ones school work...i got absolutely nothing done for school. (Better this past weekend than next)
9. Social interaction is much needed...cabin fever
10. Being healthy is so much better than being sick.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The simple things in life

black sweater: old navy, t-shirt: target, necklace: forever 21, jeans: american eagle, shoes: bass

hanging out at the pond with the fishies
getting little fish kisses 
A rare afternoon cup of coffee

Easy Dinner: grilled cheese and cup of soup
(reminds me of New Zealand...i ate this a lot while i was there)


"homemade" pizza
Over the weekend i made a delicious pizza.
Well i didn't actually make the pizza, i just added to it.
It was a frozen sausage pizza originally.
 I moved all the sausage to one side and added my own toppings to the other side and baked it
My toppings: more sauce, garlic, basil, capers, tomatoes, artichoke, and feta cheese. 
So much better than sausage