Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Additions

I am back home from traveling the U.S.

I brought back some clothes.

I think they feel at home in my closet.

Shopping at a mall in Nashville
It was so strange to be able to purchase clothes again. The worst part for me was not knowing where to start. I felt so overwhelmed in these upscale stores. It felt like the racks of clothes were staring me down, as if i didn't belong in the store. I came prepared with a mental list of the things i wanted in my wardrobe, yet i couldn't find those things in the stores. I felt so defeated my first day of attempting to buy clothes. Part of the problem was that i just wasn't in the mood to go shopping. Weird, i know, but it happens...especially when i'm out of practice. I ended up leaving with two items from the GAP (possibly the most affordable store in the whole mall) feeling like i had spent too much money. It was not a good day.

Shopping in the St. Louis area
I waited a few days and made my second attempt. It was a total success. The mall i went to had the stores i had been wanting to shop at. I went to American Eagle, H&M, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21. I felt like i belonged here and that the clothes were just waiting for me to find them. It was wonderful.

I would like to present the new additions to my closet.

1. H&M $9.95
2. GAP $49.95 (YIKES...that was the bad day)
3. Forever 21 $5.99 (clearance rack)
4. Charlotte Russe $28.99
5. Charlotte Russe $39.99
6. American Eagle $34.99 (on sale)
7. American Eagle $29.99 (on sale-online)
8. Forever 21 $5.99 (clearance rack)

GAP $13.78 (on sale)

Forever 21 $18.90                             H&M $17.95

Someplace in Nashville...i don't know what it was called  $10

Total (w/ tax): $290.54 for 11 items 
approx. $26 per item. Not too shabby

So did i stick to my mental list?
Ummm....i got one thing. That tie-neck blouse also happened to be my most expensive purchase. 
The rest will just have to wait til my next shopping trip.