Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cargo Shorts+Heat=Lack of Inspiration

So much for fall fashion inspiration 
The jewel tones, leopard print, and gold accessories will just have to wait. And apparently summer decided to do the same, since it just now seems to be showing up. Heat is my biggest clothing enemy,  therefore I choose to wear cargo shorts and plain colored t-shirts to go into combat. It is so boring and maybe, just maybe I'm hoping that my lack of effort will scare away the annoying weather. (If only it worked)

Since my clothing choices have been a sad excuse for any sort of fashion, I decided to post a few celebrity summer style inspiration pieces. (my attempt to redeem myself) 

Emily Blunt Inspired
Floral print tank, distressed cropped jeans, sandals
Forever 21, American eagle, Forever 21

Eva Mendez's Nautical look
Red striped 3/4 shirt, trouser jeans, red heels
Boutique, Target, Kohl's

Coming soon:

Glee is about a month away, so in anticipation for the season premiere I have decided to do weekly posts  devoted to the glee girls' fashion. It will be titled "What Would ____________ Wear?" (and i wish i were so clever to have come up with it....but im not. There is a blog called "WWEPW" and I am borrowing and expanding their idea.)  There will be many clothing pieces inspired by the shows fashionable ladies, and an opportunity for you to send me your glee inspired look.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Rules

No, this is not a post to express my excitement to be back in school. It is actually meant to express my sarcastic, not always realistic, but mainly true rules that I think people should follow when getting ready to go to class.(And I realize and accept that there are exceptions)

1.   Wake up at least an hour before you need to leave for class.
a.   Having more time gives you a chance to wake up.
b.   It gives you more time to look with it (dressed, hair done, possibly some makeup)
c.    If you have a little time left go through your notes and look ahead to see what you will be learning that day.

2.   Get dressed for class (look like you actually care about your education)
a.   Please, Please, Please don’t wear pajama bottoms to class
                                             i.     You look ridiculous and disheveled and it is hard for people (me) to take you seriously
b.   Sweatpants are iffy
                                             i.     It takes the same amount of time to put on a pair of jeans as it does to put on sweatpants
                                           ii.     I mean heaven forbid you actually have to zip up and button your pants, right….
                                        iii.     The exceptions I have for you sweatpants wearers is if you actually have an exercise class right after/before your other class……….(I still think there are better clothes than sweatpants to wear to workout in) Or if it is just one of those days...the one that happens during a certain occasion. 

3.   Look in the mirror and ask yourself, is this appropriate for school?
a.   Too often I see girls in low cut shirts, and booty shorts.
                                             i.     You are not at the club; you are at a place of learning.
                                           ii.     I don’t know how that can be comfortable
1.   Don’t allow yourself to be a distraction for others who are at school for an education.
2.   And yes you are a distraction to everyone, cause the guys are giving you the kind of attention you planned/hoped for and the girls are thinking:  that poor girl…. just cover up… respect your body… don’t sell yourself out.
b.   There is no need for high heels.
                                             i.     Wedges are cute and just fine to wear. (They are comfortable and don’t draw attention)
                                           ii.     Stilettos are not really practical for walking across campus and they are surely not comfortable, at least for me. And some people just look like they are trying way too hard.(if you can't walk in them, don't wear them)
c.    Don’t make your clothes an Elle Woods at law school trying to look the part moment. (Legally Blond)
 More important than any of these rules is to  stay true to you.
                                                                      Don’t over analyze your outfit. Be confident in your style (as long as you don’t break the above rules…..sweaty and sluty is not an appropriate style for school)

Welcome back to school!!!!!!!
(Which also means Fall fashion is here! And that means my 600+ page InStyle magazine has arrived. Can someone say inspiration?)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fashion Favorites

They are classy and make a basic outfit go from drab to fab.
I believe that pearl earrings and necklaces are essentials for every woman's wardrobe.

Not your grandmothers pearls

This neck garnish is no longer just for fall and winter. I love that scarfs are now lightweight and have a gauzy appearance. They can add so much character to an outfit without it looking weighed down. I would suggest having scarfs in a variety of colors and weights so that you can pair them with your clothes year round.

The pink scarf is thicker/warmer.
The green is gauzy/lightweight and perfect for spring and summer.
The floral print can go with many different outfits. 

I have a confession to make......I am completely obsessed with sweaters. If I call it a collection, does that make the situation any better? Ok probably not.  I own 25 of them in almost every color and in every style you can probably think of. 

Well, now that I got that off my chest, I think you can wear a sweater any time of the year (and I just about do). I love how a sweater can be dressed up or down. It can also bring color to an otherwise plain jean and shirt combo.

Here is part of my sweater collection along with the actual count:

short sleeve (7)

3/4 sleeve (9)

Long Sleeve (9)

My sweater drawer (there are 8 in there)
Yes, it is completely stuffed

Just a portion of the sweaters that belong in my closet

In case you are curious about how many in each color or you go:
(many apply to more than one category)

Pull over....8
zipper front....2



Friday, August 13, 2010

Day to Night....Summer to Fall

All it takes is a few fun and basic items to turn a day look to a night look. Bold earrings, a scarf, cute flats, and a basic shirt were the main components for the transformable look.

Day/Summer look
(gold leaf earrings,pink scarf, green shirt, brown shorts, tan flats)

To transform this look to work for night or the fall, trade in the shorts for dark jeans and add a jacket.

I chose to wear my hair in an up-do...It shows off the earrings more and is more comfortable when wearing a bulkier jacket.

The Completed Night/Fall look

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Plan

I have recently realized the mass amounts of clothes that my closet and drawers contain. I also recognized that many of them have been neglected. My goal is to not buy any new clothes for the next year and instead make use of the clothes I already have. This blog will be a place to share my clothing creations, which will include recreating looks that I have seen on celebrities and in magazines.  

Here is an example of the creations I will be posting. This look was inspired by Reese Witherspoon. 
Jacket/old navy/$39....
tank/forever 21/$18...
sandals/forever 21/$14...
jeans/american eagle/$15 clearance