Thursday, September 2, 2010

What do military looks and glee have in common?

Nothing, but they are both featured in this post

In the last post I complained about the heat and the lack of inspiration, and made excuses for my cargo shorts. This week I remembered that one of this falls fashion inspirations is military. No need to make excuses anymore...Im embracing a subtle military look (yet making it feminine). 

Lace+Cargos+Sweater=feminine military?
Well I tried..... its not very military, but is comfortable (that should count for something)

Less than 3 Weeks left........

Glee is a few weeks away so why not start getting excited to see what the glee ladies could be wearing. InStyle posted a video on their website on styling Rachel Berry....So Im sure you can guess who Im starting with.

What Would Rachel Berry Wear? (her name is in gold, as in a gold star, for the star that she is)
Her style is corky...feminine...mismatched...sweater filled...and she wears knee highs and loafers...

Rachel's clothes are always fun...or just funny...
Sometimes I watch the show and think, "she looks like a 4-year-old who decided to dress herself"  but she is a star and makes sure she stands out.

These items (all found on mod cloth) focus on her sweaters/jackets and dresses:

What thought bubbles appear when you think of Rachel Berry's clothes/fahion sense?
Post a comment....
send a picture of a rachel inspired look...
who do you want to see next?

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  1. I love Rachel's style so much!! Modcloth has some great Rachel-esque pieces. :)