Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're almost there....

Tuesday is less than a week away!!!!!(meaning glee will be back shortly)

So I have covered Rachel Berry, Quinn Fabray, and now it's time for Emma Pillsbury.

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?
Her wardrobe consists of a balance between bright and white....this includes: sweaters, skirts, blouses, fabulous shoes, and vintage accessories, (oh don't forget hand sanitizer....that counts as an accessory if you are emma, so she doesn't like germs and is extremely OCD....) 
To me her look is grandma meets librarian meets secretary...and I mean this in the best way possible. I love Emma's clothes.

An assortment of Emma-esque clothes

(frill and bows are an Emma must)

(pencil skirts, bows are an added plus)

(most people probably don't notice, but I do....she wears vintage style shoes!!!!)
The emma-eque clothes, blouses, skirts, and shoes can all be found on
(Have you noticed I love that site????)

(This is where the grandma style comes in....and it works for her, its amazing)
These accessories were all found on (another favorite site)

Q:What is black, white and red all over?????
A:Emma in this outfit
           (i couldn't resist throwing in a horribly lame apologies) 
Recreated emma look

The elements of the above look

If the teen choice award dress and the glee premiere party dress were to have a baby it would be this:
                        Jayma Mays                                                     Modcloth ($69.99)

Some crossover character sweaters:
                     Emma or Rachel                                           Emma or Quinn

So with these two sweaters we have come full circle with the glee gals.
With that.....lets go back to Rachel....(I bet you thought I was done...hahaha, im not, but almost)

Yellow Version

Lets just look back at what we saw last on glee...The finale:
They didn't win but they were gold in all of our hearts
modcloth (L:$104.99, R:$109.99)

Glee is back tuesday sept. 21 which means my glee anticipation posts are done. But no worries, I'm sure they will find a way back into the blog. 

What's to come:
-my closet: fall fashion clothes
-celebrity inspirations and recreations
-3 ways to wear it

Ok now im done.

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  1. As long as all the buttons stay on, it's all good.

    We definitely don't watch this show for the same reasons Holly.