Thursday, January 13, 2011

Levi Strauss is rolling over in his grave

Denim is such a basic material that looks good in a variety of uses. So why is it that it has been misused so much lately. It's been acid washed (yuck), torn up (disturbing), and turned into a print and used on other fabrics (why???).

Here are some disturbing ways that the concept of denim jeans have been abused:

Does your child really need to look like they are wearing jeans, when all they really have on is a diaper. Personally it seems like a huge waste of money. They can only wear it once, then it gets thrown away. Just buy your child jeans. 

Torn Up
The worn look is quite common. It looks fine on some people, yet if the holes are too large it just looks trashy.  There is a big difference between distressed and white trash. Please don't walk that fine line.

They clearly crossed the line

The Good (left), The Bad and Ugly (right)

If you want every detail of your lower half to show, then jeggings are for you. 
I don't think they are flattering. I also don't think that leggings should be worn as pants. Go buy a pair of skinny jeans that have some stretch to them and stop wearing those legging jean things. 

Conan proves the point that jeggings don't look good.

Celebrities in their jeggings (Holly shakes her head in disapproval)

Just when I thought the jean phenomenon couldn't get worse....a commercial for pajama jeans comes on. 
The best/worst part: they cost just as much if not more as a regular pair of jeans. Are jeans really that uncomfortable that you need to wear pajamas instead? I suppose it is a step up for those who wear those crazy print pajamas out in public. 

Please do everyone a favor and just wear jeans in their natural form.

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  1. In my opinion, I think jeans are played out. When 90% of ladies in any given area are wearing jeans, it's time to get some originality in there. There are very few pairs of jeans that I actually like. The positive thing is that jeans do come in varieties from very casual (though not as bad as those pajama jeans), to very dressy.