Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Lesson in Color

Don't let putting together an outfit intimidate you.
Here is a basic lesson in how to create an outfit based on color (without it clashing).

Start with neutrals (tan, brown, black, white, gray, navy/denim, and shades in between).
     Note: Neutrals can be worn together without clashing.
Choose one color or print to be worn with your neutral color scheme.
     (make sure any other article of clothing or accessory (such as a scarf..not jewelry)
 coordinates with this color)

Color palette examples:
ALL Neutrals: Black, Tan, Dark Denim

khaki, off white, plum
Neutral, Neutral, Color

Neutrals: Dress (white, grey, black, brown)
Accessories:Tights (brown) Belt (black)
Color: Sweater (yellow)

Neutrals: Denim, black, grey
Color: Pink
Accessory: Scarf (white, blue, green, yellow, pink)


  1. So here's my question: Can I wear olive green shorts (neutral?), a jungle green t-shirt, and a bright/neon green riding vest w/tan vans?

  2. No. That wouldn't be sticking with a neutral and one added color (not including similar shades). That is called creating a disaster look= walking the line of white trash.

  3. lol... So basically, every time I ride my bike, I walk the line of white trash. I can be proud of that. ;)