Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy (almost) New Year

It's new years eve and I just realized I never wished you guys a merry christmas, nor did I give any fashion ideas for the holidays. My apologies and merry belated Christmas and happy new year (tomorrow). So i guess that means that today i should say "Happy New Years Eve!"

I am now going to try to make up for the lack of holiday inspiration.
So here we go.....
If I were to be going to a fancy new years party I would wear:
I would add a colored sweater for a pop of color and black leggings to keep warm. (It may be southern california, but it's still cold.)

another option i would wear:
I would add a black belt to define the waist. I would also wear black or gray tights and depending on how i was feeling, wear either black boots or black heels.

Here is a perfect holiday dress from modcloth

So it's not much, but hopefully if you needed a last minute new years outfit idea, this was able to come in handy. And if not...oh well. I suppose that means you planned ahead or just know how to put an outfit together. SO if that applies to you, Congratulations!!!!! (clearly you are more prepared than me since i have no idea what i will wear tonight, and i don't plan to wear a dress. Wow, I wasn't even able to help myself.)

The next time i blog again will be next year. That just seems so weird. 
Have a safe, fabulous, and fashionable new years eve/day!!!!!!


  1. Both outfits look gorgeous Holly! :)

    I love your creativity.

  2. i agree...the dream a little gleam dress is stunning!
    Kristina J.