Tuesday, December 21, 2010

uhhh yah....about that....

If you are wondering what happened to day 6,7,8,9,10 of my sweater challenge, WELL i failed after day 6. I wore a sweater day 6, but failed to photograph it. Day 7 and 8 involved me wearing pajamas until work and then putting them back on as soon as i got home. (they were long exhausting work days---the ones where the day just replays in your mind over and over. And then even when you go to sleep it still continues, and gets even worse) Day 9 and 10, ummm most of those days were spent in pjs too and to top it off, day 10 was a "Nothing looks right" kind of day. Trying to wear a sweater and turn it into a cute outfit was completely out of the picture. I apologize to those who were pulling for me and believed I could complete this challenge. I know I have failed you. Don't spend too much time mourning the loss of the sweater posts.

FYI: this challenge was a hassle especially since its winter break and there are many days that i don't leave the house or don't have a need to change out of pajamas/sweatpants (which I don't wear out of the house). SO its kind of a relief to have failed. Of course it won't stop me from wearing sweaters frequently, but it takes the pressure off of having to wear a different one each day, and making it a little creative, and so on. I will continue to post pictures of how I wear each sweater, just know that they won't happen consistently.

On a happier non-failing note:
Last night me and my parents went out to do some christmas shopping. We went to Kohls, Old Navy, and then to Burlington Coat Factory-an absolutely wonderful place for someone like me. The plan was to find my dad a peacoat. Instead we found me a very belated birthday present and a christmas/next birthday present. So the belated birthday(as in my birthday is in february) coat is black and if it could talk it would scream "this was made for Holly". Its wonderful and has cute pleated details.
Guess Coat
(sorry its slightly blurry)
So happy belated birthday to me. Thanks mom

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