Friday, September 24, 2010

Well its about time

Sometime last month I had mentioned that the new Fall fashion InStyle magazine had arrived. Since then another issue has been delivered to my house. It reminded me of how I never talked about the new styles for fall. (I suppose I could say I was waiting for it to officially be fall, but that would be a lie) Well now its time to actually do something with it. 


Well much to my surprise in this months issue of InStyle magazine were two familiar faces. Of course I don't know them on a personal level, but they bring to life characters of a favorite that i had been featuring in previous posts. It was Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron (they play finn and quinn). I knew glee would have a way of sneaking back in.

Dianna was featured in the beauty section (hair and makeup)

Apparently you can also find out 5 things you didn't know about her.
Im pretty sure there are a lot more than 5 things i don't know,
esp. since I know very little about her.

Close Call
This week kohls was having a sale that my mom went to. She was able to earn $30 back from her purchases.(yay for sort of free money) So you save money by spending money, and then they give you an extra $3o to spend the next day.... gotta love it. Anyways my mom was able to get some cute clothes (and i can borrow some of them!!!!!!). Well with the extra money we went back the next day for some much needed leggings. I picked out gray, black and brown. These will be shared leggings, so technically I still haven't bought any clothes, or have I???? In my head I am still on track. I didn't spend any of my own money and they do not exclusively belong to me. I say it counts as being in the clear, but it was a close call.

In this months issue of InStyle they had a couple of sections on how to re wear clothes, Basically how to make the most of what you have. 
They took 15 key pieces and mixed and matched
them with other items to make 28 different outfits.

I love that they are encouraging people to make the most of their clothes, cause thats what i'm trying to do for myself. Its also fun to see what components they choose to use the most. I suppose if you really want to see how their outfits turned out you will have to go buy the magazine. Now if you want to see how im doing with maximizing my clothes then just keep reading/looking.

I love when they give 3 ideas/ways to wear something. 

I took a dress that was part of two fall trends. 
It is a jewel tone dress that is very minimal-istic.

To change up the look of the dress I added:
1. black boots and a black long sleeve shirt
2.  a jacket that is perfect for fall
3. brown suede boots that have an adorable bow
The elements I used to change up the dress
Another picture of the boots because they are so cute
(if i do say so myself....they cost a pretty penny too)

Last but not least.....Celebrity Inspiration
Jessica Alba sported a striped shirt and bright scarf worn with jeans and flats. I figured I could create a similar look and then transform it for fall. So here it is:
And I am aware that she wore it better.

Summer to Fall

The accessories for the stripes & scarf look

What to look forward to:
Next week will be three ways to wear it, focusing on sweaters

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