Thursday, September 9, 2010

Forget the ford focus, its all about the Glee Focus

September 21 is getting closer day by day...So its time to reminisce last week and then move on to another fashionable glee character.

So last week was What Would Rachel Berry Wear? and this week I examined my closet and found a RB look within. 
This is a combination of 2 RB looks:
plaid dress and yellow sweater

I did some online searching to recreate this outfit...(I wish I had that can get it on in case you were wondering.)
Episode: Laryngitis
Rachel Singing "The Climb"

Let's move on from plaid and bright colors to a girl who is in touch with her femininity.
She is:
(can you tell i like alliteration...cause i do)
What Would Quinn Fabray(!!!!!!!!!) Wear?
She pairs dresses and sweaters perfectly. Quinn's wardrobe is light and refreshing to look at. (and its my favorite of all the glee girls)

The essence of Quinn

Episode: Throwdown
My version for Quinn's black and white outfit

My version of her sweater and shirt combination

Dianna Agron and how her dress would be translated to be for Quinn

My Quinn Look

Episode: Vitamin D
I couldn't resist involving Rachel Berry again...
she just wants to be in the center of everything...
even Quinn's part of the blog

Please get inspired and start scouring your closet....send me pictures of your glee inspired look.
(I can't post other people's if I don't have any to post)

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