Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cargo Shorts+Heat=Lack of Inspiration

So much for fall fashion inspiration 
The jewel tones, leopard print, and gold accessories will just have to wait. And apparently summer decided to do the same, since it just now seems to be showing up. Heat is my biggest clothing enemy,  therefore I choose to wear cargo shorts and plain colored t-shirts to go into combat. It is so boring and maybe, just maybe I'm hoping that my lack of effort will scare away the annoying weather. (If only it worked)

Since my clothing choices have been a sad excuse for any sort of fashion, I decided to post a few celebrity summer style inspiration pieces. (my attempt to redeem myself) 

Emily Blunt Inspired
Floral print tank, distressed cropped jeans, sandals
Forever 21, American eagle, Forever 21

Eva Mendez's Nautical look
Red striped 3/4 shirt, trouser jeans, red heels
Boutique, Target, Kohl's

Coming soon:

Glee is about a month away, so in anticipation for the season premiere I have decided to do weekly posts  devoted to the glee girls' fashion. It will be titled "What Would ____________ Wear?" (and i wish i were so clever to have come up with it....but im not. There is a blog called "WWEPW" and I am borrowing and expanding their idea.)  There will be many clothing pieces inspired by the shows fashionable ladies, and an opportunity for you to send me your glee inspired look.

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  1. very nice. You should check out unabashedly prep, by photographer Fred Egan. I think you will like it.