Monday, March 5, 2012

The simple things in life

black sweater: old navy, t-shirt: target, necklace: forever 21, jeans: american eagle, shoes: bass

hanging out at the pond with the fishies
getting little fish kisses 
A rare afternoon cup of coffee

Easy Dinner: grilled cheese and cup of soup
(reminds me of New Zealand...i ate this a lot while i was there)


"homemade" pizza
Over the weekend i made a delicious pizza.
Well i didn't actually make the pizza, i just added to it.
It was a frozen sausage pizza originally.
 I moved all the sausage to one side and added my own toppings to the other side and baked it
My toppings: more sauce, garlic, basil, capers, tomatoes, artichoke, and feta cheese. 
So much better than sausage

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