Friday, December 16, 2011

Fantastic Friday

Today i decided i would actually get dressed and not spend the entire day in pajamas or sweatpants.
I actually took time to do my hair, instead of pulling it up into a bun. This of course meant that i had to re-curl my hair throughout the day (3 just wouldn't hold).

Outfit of the day

I even managed to make it out of the house today. 
Me and my mom went Christmas shopping at the mall. 
I hate the mall.
Thankfully we only went in two stores that were close to each other.
I was able to buy two people's gifts.
It's a start.
We also got a very cheap dinner to take home and "cook".
Mac n' cheese and banquet pot pies.
So delicious.
Don't judge my dinner choice. 
It was a fantastic day.
I hope your Friday was more fascinating than mine.

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