Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Panic Mode

Yesterday i discovered the worst feeling ever.

I had spent the past two days with my textbook, writing terms and answering reading questions preparing for my 411 final. It was the evening before my exam so i thought i would read through my notes. On the top of the page was the date for the final. Dec. 12 @12:30. Suddenly i realized i really messed up. The current date was Dec. 13th. I missed my final. Somehow i got it in my head that my final was on wednesday. Where this idea came from, i have no idea. I immediately went into panic mode. I was in disbelief. It felt like i was stuck in a horrible dream. I went through my freak-out phase that involved lots of crying. After i pulled myself together, I texted people from my class to see if i had really missed the final. Then i texted people from a different section of 411 to see if they had taken their final yet. I ended up emailing my professor to see if i could still take the final. During this waiting time i calculated my current grade and what i would get if i weren't able to take the test. I would pass the class even if i couldn't make up my test. It was such a relief, but not the way i wanted to finish the semester. About two hours after sending the email to my professor, he emailed me back. I was able to take my final. The biggest relief ever.

The funny thing about this whole situation is that i could never understand how someone could miss a final exam. I mean the prof. mentions the date and time multiple times throughout the semester. How could someone forget the date or time. Well now i know. At some point you get it in your head that it is a certain day...and well it sticks, even if it is the wrong day. This event was a reminder that God is in control of my life, and I am so grateful for that.  

The ironic thing is that the day i should have been taking my final, i was at home studying.
(and eating salt and vinegar chips and beef sausage snacks...they were so good)

 After finding out i missed my final...and had calmed down:

The day after
Today i got to take my final.
I woke up early and studied
then i watched Glee and The New Girl
Then studied some more.

I was so nervous to take the exam. I had spent four days preparing for this exam. I got to school and got the exam done. I think i did fairly well on it. I may actually be able to keep my A. I am just so glad it is done. 
Outfit of the Day
(fyi: this is my Yay i get to take my final today face)

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  1. I've had that happen to me before..and I didn't get to take my final!!!! I just completely slept through my alarm. It was the WORST feeling in the world.

    Glad you got to take it and hopefully you did well!