Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Looks for Less

Magazines are full of great clothes and inspiration. However the prices they paid to get the look are way to high. I have been doing some searching to find similar looks or styles at more reasonable prices from more accessible stores.

High to mid-low to low

modcloth/forever 21

take a closer look from modcloth
mid to low

Modcloth vs. Forever 21
I would personally go for the mid looks so much cuter....
not to mention increased quality of work
Geometric style dress high and low
modcloth/forever 21
Similar look and similar price
Magazine Inspiration
Modcloth Finds

Celebrity Inspirations:
Cameron Diaz and modcloth coat

Katy Perry inspired long chevron pattern coat from modcloth

Alexis bledel and modcloth dress for $137.99

Blake Lively at Fashions Night Out
Modcloth $109.99

Alexis Bledel and the extremely similar version in black
(Only missing the belted waist and sweetheart shape)
Modcloth $89.99
The whole point of this post is to show that you can get the celebrity look for less. In some cases you get the look but lack the lush. You get what you pay for and in the end paying less is worthwhile. The best place to get the style for less is forever 21...and if you want to pay a little more (or about double) and don't mind online shopping, then shop modcloth(and they get new clothes in on a daily basis). If you are looking for designer labels for department stores that feature designers clothes on a budget. (khols=simply vera wang, target=various designers, TJ maxx= all designer labels for less) 
Have fun saving and getting the look for less!!!!!!!

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