Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blue Gingham with Grey and Mint

Sweater: Forever 21, Gingham shirt: Old Navy, Crop Pants: Target, Shoes: Soda Brand

Today it was a challenge to find shoes that didn't have a back on them so that my heels wouldn't be damaged further. Well aside from flip flops it was a lost cause. I sported band aids and the comfiest flats i have. Besides having the band aids start to unstick and roll and then stick to the inside of my shoe, the band aid fix was a success. 

On a very happy note, I got to sleep in today. I would normally have class at 8 but my first 2 classes were for make up exams. I didn't have any to make up so i didn't have to come. Instead of being in class at 8, i was just waking up. I didn't have to leave the house until 10:20 which meant plenty of time to enjoy my coffee,  change my outfit 3 times, and redo my hair twice. No this is not typical. I normally don't spend much time getting ready. It was actually really annoying to have time to analyze how i looked before i left the house.

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