Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life Lately

I am in full lazy summer mode complete with sleeping in, staying in pajamas, not putting on makeup, staying at home all day, and staying up late.

Thankfully my days have been filled with a little more than what i just listed (but not much). Last week i came back from a 12 day trip in northern california with my friend erin. Since being back I have spent lots of time watching kittens galavant on the back deck. They are so cute and i am glad they chose our deck as their home (even though i think we officially scared them off after trying to trap the mom so she could be fixed). My days include my usual routine of starting my day off with coffee. In my desire to be healthier i have started drinking tons of ice water throughout the day (this means having to pee more often than annoying), eating fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks instead of chips (mmm salt and vinegar chips...i mean mmmm vegetables), and attempting to workout more (basically i wear workout clothes and occasionally do squats, lunges, or table tops). I must say it is going pretty well...well if nothing else it's progress. In order to change my paleness i have been spending 20-30 minutes every few days sunbathing on the pond deck. Slowly but surely i am becoming "tan" which is never really that tan, it is just less white. I suppose i should be doing more with my days since this is probably my last real summer, i have to enter the real working world eventually, but until then i can waste away my time in lazy bliss.

Hopefully all of you are enjoying this lovely weather and making the most of your day. At some point i will remember to take pictures of my outfits (the days when i do get dressed) and will be able to get back into a blogging routine. Until then enjoy these random posts and feel free to send me outfit ideas or things you want my opinion on.

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