Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lessons learned from a sunburn

1. 3 hours at the beach can be dangerous
2. Sprayable sunscreen is not reliable
3. SPF 30 is enough if it is applied properly over the whole body
4. Some sunburn locations don't hurt immediately, instead they sneak up on ya a day or so later
5. Aloe is most soothing when it is fresh out of the fridge
6. Ice packs work really well for easing the pain and swelling
7. Staying in shorts and a loose shirt is the best clothing choice aside from wearing practically nothing
8. Being sunburned can create productivity (Laundry has never been done so efficiently)
9. Going outside on a sunny day is not a good idea, along with any contact with something remotely hot. (oven, laptop, water...all bad experiences)
10. Next time...if there is a next time...spf 30 lotion will be applied with much detail, and then reapplied once at the beach

{In case you were wondering the tops of my legs (below the knee) got burned, as well as my rib area ( i don't know what to call it. its above my belly button and below my bust). So there you have it. Please learn from my mistakes and put sunscreen on thoroughly.}

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