Friday, July 13, 2012

Brining the sunshine

Yesterday was so grey and cloudy. I decided i wasn't going to let the ugly weather get me down, so i chose to make my own sunshine. I put on the brightest (maybe 2nd brightest) yellow shirt i own. I think it worked. I got to spend the day in Beverly Hills with a dear friend who i hadn't seen since January (i couldn't believe it had been that long). We spent the day window shopping, exploring decorating stores,  and eventually looking at an apartment for her to rent (which happens to be perfect.... praying it works out), and getting dinner at CPK all while dodging rain drops. This wonderful day ended with a gorgeous bright pink sunset as we drove home from LA.

Here are a few pics from the day

Just kidding....
Well i just learned that there is a storage limit for photos. Apparently I have hit my limit. So until i fix this problem without buying a monthly plan i will try and recreate my outfits on polyvore and link you to them. Oh google/blogger how you create problems that i didn't even know were possible.

Make your own sunshine

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