Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday.
My day included: classes from 8-12, lunch at mimi's cafe with and then seeing the vow with mom, going to dinner at claim jumper with my parents,  eating strawberry pie, opening gifts and watching the bachelor (and adding commentary...mainly about how much we can't stand courtney) with my mom and erin.
It was a nice relaxing and low key birthday.

FYI: i blew out all of the candles in one breath
and i don't like cake, so mom makes me pie instead

Today...it's Valentines Day
Normally i would dress more festively for this holiday (you know wear pink or red or something)
Somehow i woke up this morning and sort of forgot that it was valentines day. I mean it always comes the day after my birthday. I don't know what happened.
I got dressed for cold weather, not for the holiday. I was in dark colors, but then realized that looked kind of depressing. Just because i am single doesn't mean i dislike valentines day or that i am dissatisfied with my relationship status (or lack of). I decided i would wear a light color sweater instead of a black coat. I think it was a good choice.

On another note..
while in class today we were having a discussion about love, relationships, and well valentines day. The guys were sharing their opinions on these topics and i was quickly reminded why i am single and how much i love that.

Moving on...here is what i wore today

long sleeve white shirt: target, sweater: target, scarf: forever 21, jeans: american eagle, boots: soda

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