Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make it work

Tim Gunn uses the phrase, "make it work," and that is what I was doing last week. A week of "projects" has come to an end. Last week involved making a dress into a skirt, making my Halloween costume, and watching the finale of project runway.

Dress to Skirt
This dress did not fit properly since my natural waist is much lower than the waist band of the dress. So I figured why not lose the top of the dress and make it a skirt. Tuesday I pulled out the seam ripper and got to work.
The dress

The process/progress

Now it's a skirt

Halloween Costume
-safety pins
-stuffed animals
-white tights

All of these items come together to form a glee/lady gaga costume.
In the show glee, they did a lady gaga episode titled "theatricality." Rachel Berry wore a "beanie babies" dress that was put together using staples. She clearly didn't know the benefits (things staying put) of safety pins. The one unfortunate aspect of using safety pins instead of staples is no body could use Kurt's line and say "we have a jumper."
FYI: The costume was worked on over several days, I didn't document how many hours it took to make, and it weighed about 15 pounds.

the hair accessory
The almost finished product

Side by side comparison

Project Runway
Thursday was the season finale of Project Runway. The 3 finalists were amazing, and they truly made it work.  I definitely favored Gretchen and Mondo. I was slightly conflicted on who to pull for when it got down to these two finalists. I felt like there was no wrong choice for the winner, and the judges were just as conflicted as I was. I won't say who won just in case people haven't watched it yet....but you'd have to be crazy to wait that long after the finale. I will say this... I am so happy this person won, and I feel like this win will really help them financially-and they desperately needed that.

Final 3: Mondo, Gretchen, Andy

My Favorites with part of their collections

If you want to watch the finale of project runway...and you should...here is a link:

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  1. hey holly! i love what you did with the dress/skirt. So smart!!