Thursday, January 26, 2012


So i've been having some eye problems.
Basically my eye has been red for a couple of weeks and just the other night some sharp pains were added to the mix.
It's some fun stuff...ok not so much.
The past two days i haven't put on makeup in hopes that the issues wouldn't escalate.
Well last night i had a goopy eye and woke up throughout the night with my eye sealed shut with crustiness. Yes i just went there. It was a very interesting experience to say the least.

Today on the bus ride to school i kept my sunglasses on. It was mainly because my eye is extra sensitive and also so that i wouldn't scare people away.
The bus got crowded which meant someone would have to sit next to me. 
The most talkative older, not quite all there, woman sat next to me.
She told me i was picturesque (she clearly couldn't see my eye) and then proceeded to tell me all about herself. 
(her appreciation for the warm weather, how she just got new shoes-the ones she was wearing and a pair of boots she got on sale at reflections at the mall, her living by the shore, her swimming in the bay everyday, her losing 70 pounds, her telling me about her children and their weddings and how one just honeymooned in Canada and ice skated on the frozen lake, she showed me wedding pictures, showed off a ring that her mother gave her and told me how she would give it to one of her daughter in laws someday)
As weird as it was, i really enjoyed sitting and listening to her and her stories. Sometimes people just need to talk to someone and be listened to. It was a great reminder of why not to wear headphones on the bus. IF  i had been listening to music i would have missed out on such a neat experience. I encourage you to be open to random conversations with complete strangers (whether it be on the bus, at school, in a waiting room, etc.) you never know what it could mean to that person.

This afternoon i had a doctors appointment to get my eye looked at. 
Apparently it is a bacterial infection. 
The good news is that I was prescribed medication for it.  
Yay for meds and infections clearing in the near future.

Even though it was in the 80s today i still wore jeans and a sweater.
It may be warm outside but inside it's still cold.

sweater: forever 21, tank: target, necklace: forever 21, jeans: american eagle, shoes: soda

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