Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting Inspiration

Sometimes figuring out a new way of wearing certain clothing items can be difficult. 
I know i get stuck in wearing things the same way every time. 
I also put together my outfits in the same style.
Basically it can be hard to mix things up.

So how can you get out of that habit?
-see how they style their outfit and get ideas from them
2. Go on pinterest and look through the "womens apparel" section 
-it is a wonderful way of seeing how other women style themselves
-try to find outfits with similar pieces to what you already own
3. Look to polyvore for styling advice.
-they have a section where you can ask how to style an outfit or what you can wear with a certain article of clothing or what to wear for a certain occasion. 

I use blogs and pinterest most when it comes to fashion inspiration.
Current inspiration pictures and the similar items i own:

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