Friday, November 18, 2011

Dressing For Your Body

Over the summer i learned the lesson of dressing for my body type.
I learned through my mistakes.
Looking through the pictures from my roadtrip, i was able to see the mistakes i made.

So how exactly do you dress for your body type?
(You can learn about your body by looking through pictures of yourself. Choose the pictures you like, and those you don't like. Compare them and see if you can find a trend amongst them.)

Here is an example of a photo i like, and one i don't:

1. Know your assets.
-For me my assets are my clavicle bones, my waist, and my hips.

2. Wear clothes that highlight these features.
-I need to wear shirts that cinch in my waist, and are just low cut enough to show my clavicle bone.
(as you can see in the photos, the first shows off my assets and the second does not)

Once you master these simple techniques, you can start to play with color to see what colors look best on you.

(clearly white and tan are not colors for me. I am pale enough and these colors wash me out)

Have fun dressing for you body. I hope this was helpful.

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