Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Proof

Monday was another LA adventure.
Erin, Kirsten, and I went to LA to go to the jimmy kimmel taping of the zac brown band.
Because of this, i couldn't take my camera.
This was also the same night as the Lucky One premier.
By the time we got done with the zac brown band performance, the green carpet was being cleaned up and the movie was almost out.
We stood behind the barricade and chatted with the security guard and waited for the theater to be let out.
When it did we spotted zac efron from a distance, ashley tisdale ran right past us as she leaned into her boyfriend to hide from people-umm it didn't work, and some guy from 90210-Matt Lanter. We also saw a huge crowd of people around someone i assume to be Selena Gomez. 
As exciting as that was we chose to not stand around for too long, we were starving and extremely thirsty.
We ate dinner (fyi it was after 9:30) at the hard rock cafe.
After standing for hours it felt so good to sit down and eat.
My back hurt for the next few days...i cant imagine how my body would have hurt if i had worn heels.

So none of that fun stuff got documented, but i was smart enough to take a couple pictures of my outfit before i left for this adventure.

Dress: Target (now in new colors), belt: vintage, shoes: Soda, Necklace: Boutique

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