Thursday, July 14, 2011

2 More Weeks

Time is almost up. 

One year without purchasing clothes has been such a challenge, yet so satisfying. 
But to be honest...
I went 11 months without buying clothes. On july 4th i gave in. American Eagle did me in.
I found a pair of jeans that i had been wanting for so long. They were on sale and it was free shipping. So i bought them.
I got them cheaper than the price shown. $21...i think it was worth it.

So i bought one thing in 11 months...let's see you do better.

During this year i...
... was able to save so much money.
... deciphered what clothes need to get thrown out
... gained an understanding of my style and what i want it to look like

FYI: I leave for a 3 week road trip on saturday. Chances are i will be in Nashville when the year is up. I plan to go on a shopping spree and i will do my best to document this momentous occasion.

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