Thursday, March 24, 2011

126 days to go

With a title like "welcome to my closet" one may expect my closet to be neat and organized and full of clothes. For the past few months that has not been the case. Unfortunately for me, when school is in session all organization goes out the window. I have barely any clothes in my closet. Instead my clothes are piled in baskets, covering the floor, and concealing a chair in the corner of my room. It is a disaster zone. Of course when this happens all creativity in my fashion vanishes. 
My apologies for lack of inspiration from my closet.
Perhaps this can make you feel better about your own disaster zone, whatever that may be for you.

With only 126 days to go, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My closet definitely needs to be restored and restocked. My clothes are getting worn out, stretched out, and used up. I fear that my clothes may be needing an overhaul when this year is up. Bummer (secretly..or not so secretly... filled with excitement for getting new stuff). Mainly i need new jeans. Either my workouts are working or my clothes are getting really stretched out and not going back to their normal shape. Im definitely hoping for the first option. 

Im thinking a clothing exchange might be in order around the end of summer (august). It would be a fun way to get new/old clothes for free and share our fashion sense with one another.
So keep this in mind and hang onto your clothes that are in good condition that you don't want anymore-cause somebody else might love it.

Happy Spring,

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